Vimek 610.4

Fourth generation of the popular forwarder

Vimek 610.4 is our mid-size forwarder with 5,000 kg loading capacity, equipped with the powerful CAT 55kW stage V enginge without the requirement of def-fluid, modern hydrostatic transmission from Bosch Rexroth in combination with our well known trailer and crane.

In the Vimek 610 SE we have been able to combine an engine and transmission to offer high efficiency, productivity, performance. All this together with low fuel consumption, makes a cost effective machine.


Vimek 610.4  
Technical specifications  
Motor CAT C2,2T CRDI 55 kW
Transmission Hydrostatic / mechanical
Ground clearness 40 cm
Length Standard 6,90 m (load length 3,30 m, loading area 1,85 m²)
Long 7,60 m (load length 4,00 m, loading area 1,65 m²)
Width 1,90 m or 2,00 m
Weight incl. crane 4,910 Kg
Loading capacity 5,000 kg


Model Vimek - Mowi P25
Vimek - Mowi P25T (option)
Max. reach 5,20 m
6,55 m (Mowi P25T)
Lifting capacity 5,20 m, 400 kg
Gripping area 0,16 m²


Clamshell bucket  
Weight 130 kg
Max. opening 1300 mm
Speed 50 mm
Volume 125 liters
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