Vimek Fire Box

Vimek Fire Box is primarily used for post forest fire work and contains relevant equipment to perform this.

The water tank is easily filled up with the help of the motor pump which is reversible and is thus used both for filling but also for spraying out the water.

 Vimek Fire Box is suitable for loading on all our 6-wheel forwarders from 2007 onwards. It is easy to load and unload and can, for example, be transported on a regular trailer.


Standard equippment:

  • 25m hose including connections
  • Spray nozzle (handyfigther 35)
  • Strainer with float
  • 800 liters tank
  • Attachments for Vimek 606
  • Attachments for Vimek 608/610
  • Lifting strap
  • Petrol waterpump
  • Rake
  • Pointed spade
  • Watering can
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Chain saw holder
  • Petrol cans

Extra options:

  • 25m extra hose
  • Extra spray nozzle (handyfigther 35)
  • Extra fire extinguisher
  • Sprinkler ramp with 4 nozzles