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Wisdom is inherited. In 60 years, our children and grandchildren will care for our forests. It is about creating values for future generations. We call it Vimek Thinning, forest owners call it easy and simple.

Whether it's the owner of the forest or a business owner who is behind the decisions, good returns are in store for those who develop the forest when it's young.

Imagine a first thinning, and then imagine finally defeating the hard conditions of the forest. With Vimek, you do not have to go down the road of removing unnecessary strains or clusters. You can leave the best trees so that you get a higher quality wood that is less storm sensitive. This is thinning, Vimek Thinning!

To see a Vimek Thinning is an experience. In fact, there is no other harvester in Vimek's size class. That is why we are developing the complete lightweight programme. Thanks overall economy contributing to Vimek's successes, the business owner can actually afford a break every now and then, not to mention that it may be nice to pick up the children from school or go to training occasionally.

It's not just the forest that needs care.

Vimek's patented Brake Link provides much more efficient handling without dangerous oscillation of the gripping tools. It is also possible to load the trees standing up vertically. The brake linkage is controlled hydraulically and only brakes when needed.

The Vimek harvester has a double swing function and is controlled both in the middle and the front axle. It offers fantastic manoeuvrability that adjusts the direction to the forest instead of the opposite. You can even set up the machine so that the front and rear wheels do not fit in the same track, which allows you to save the ground even more.

Vimek's Brake Link in combination with Vimek’s Tiltgrip makes it quicker, easier and more comfortable for the machine to handle the logs. They will fit neatly in the trailer and the damage to the remaining forest will be less.

Low fuel consumption thanks to small, efficient and powerful engines.

Cost-effective technical solutions.

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